Sticky Green Imperial IPA

Imperial/Double IPA

10.3% ABV

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Terre Haute Brewing Company Sticky Green Imperial IPA

This beer is our celebration of the fresh ingredients from the amazing agricultural community around us. Landlocked Hops in Loda, IL wanted a brewery to do an ultra-fresh wet-hopped beer. We couldn’t pass on the opportunity! The Comet hops used in this beer went from bine to beer in under 4 hours! Sugar Creek Malting Company in Lebanon, IN is the only craft maltster in Indiana and makes some of the best malt in the nation. We used their Ye Olde English malt and malted oats to lend delicious malt flavor to this Double IPA. Hunter Honey Farm in Martinsville, IN has been producing and selling honey for over 100 years. They have many varieties of Indiana honey, each with their own colors, flavors, and aromas. We used over 300 pounds of their Spring Blossom honey to add delicate and subtle sweetness and aroma.

Style: Imperial/Double IPA

Brewed by:

Terre Haute Brewing Company

in Terre Haute, Indiana USA

ABV: 10.3%